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March 2022 - Present

Software Engineer 2

  • I work on Reviniti, an analytics product designed for e-commerce players in the bid management domain. Solely migrated the old codebase from a templating engine (PugJS) to React with TypeScript.
  • Engaged in developing new features, refactoring code, enhancing product performance, bug fixes and contributing towards achieving high scalability for the product.
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Dec 2020 - July 2021

Associate Consultant Level 01

  • My main role was to assist business and market research analysts in acquiring and analyzing data. This entailed writing Python scripts to gather data from diverse sources, populating it in Excel, and cleaning the data. Subsequently, I conducted analytics to derive market insights.
  • Expertly estimated market valuations and conducted primary research in collaboration with industry experts to validate data, extract valuable market insights, using Excel and Python.